“THE LATEST NEWS” by Des Kelly

“THE LATEST NEWS” by Des Kelly

Lee Lin ChinPhoto thanks to: MamaMia 

Lee Lin Chin, has done, and bin there. I write this in confidence, as our spellin is now takin it on the chin, pardon the pun. NEWS.com.au “serves up” this serious headline on the subject, as follows.

Lee Lin Chin serves up serious farshun on final SBS news broadcast of the 29th of July, 2018, at exactly 8.40 PM. Very well written, photographs & all, by this “Journo”, excepting for this word “farshun”, and serious farshun, at that. I looked for this word in my dicshunary folks, but, look as I might, had to give up the fight, after spending half of the night, with no delight!!., that’s right.

     There has always been nothing much, of her. Tiny of stature, huge, in talent, Lee Lin Chin, television broadcaster, being one of the main newsreaders on  this particular “Channel” for 30 long years, Lee Lin Chin has always been an absolute pleasure to watch on SBS, simply because of her precise rendering of the World News each and every weekend..
Her farshun (fashion) or dress-sense hasn’t mattered, one iota because she always looked good in the “little” that she wore, being so tiny, anyway. Yes, she did have an unique “fashion-wardrobe”, as was obvious in her final broadcast, a black top, with half a ream of transparent black vinyl wrapped around her body, as opposed to “reams” of the stuff, which was fake news.

     Lee Lin Chin, as her name suggests, is a Chinese lady, born in Indonesia, Jakarta, to be exact, came to Australia, as a member of the “Lee family” in 1982.
Among some of the many plaudits afforded her in Australia, the most important, especially to a migrant, as she was, called her “the queen of news, a fashion hero, & an Australian icon.

     There is a whole lot to read “on-line” about this SBS personality, still, I prefer to be as brief, as possible, for the sake of all my eLanka readers who, like me, prefer to watch the latest news on television. SBS is the only television channel to “corral” all the “ads” & thus give their viewers more “content”, as we call it. I like watching SBS, but, like thousands of other Lankan viewers, will sorely miss watching Lee Lin Chin delivering the World News. On behalf of all the Lankan Aussies who watch television, let me wish her all the very best in what might have even been another “forced-retirement”. “Such is life” as Ned Kelly said, but I do admire the final statement of Lee Lin Chin in a memorable television interview. “retirement, of course not, resignation, yes. to retire is to die”. I fully concur with your phrase, Lee. Farewell, for the moment, anyway. Awards, notwithstanding, you were the best.!


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