Alston Koch at Central American Educativa Fiesta



Rosalia Arteaga of Ecuador, the only woman to have held the positions of both President and Vice President of any country has invited Alston Koch to Ecuador. Alston is probably the only Asian born artiste to have appeared in most cities throughout the Continent of South America. He will appear as a special guest at the Excellencia Educativa in Ecuador discussing the effects of Climate Change.

He will also perform a song written especially for the occasion on the subject. Alston Koch has been an original advocate for Climate Change since 1991 when he approached the subject (then unknown) and raised the eyebrows of members of the British Parliament in the House Of Commons.

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Greetings…from Down Under

Alston Koch


Singer Alston Koch, who is still holed up in Melbourne, Australia, due to the coronavirus pandemic, was a guest at the recently held Excelencia Educativa, which took place in Ecuador, on October 15th, 16th and 17th.

However, he was not physically present, in Ecuador, as overseas travel is prohibited the world over. And, in Victoria, where Alston and his family now reside, the 25-kilometre travel zone and the “ring of steel” around regional Victoria, are still in force.

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‘A Symphony for Change’ – Performed by Alston Koch.


‘A Symphony for Change’ – Performed by Alston Koch. Written by Alston Koch & A-Z Sheriff. Produced by Alston Koch & A-Z Sheriff. Directed by Frederick James. Concept and song developed in collaboration with Symphony Environmental Ltd to raise awareness of the problems caused by plastic pollution in the environment


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Sri Lanka’s best Artists in support of the support services during the Covid 19 days in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s best artists teamed up to sing ‘Lean On Me’ as a tribute to everyone that helped out during the worst times in Sri Lanka.

Watch this beautiful video of Sri Lanka’s best entertainers doing what they do best.

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We are One – A Special Message from Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts to the World – Written, performed & produced by Alston Koch

Video directed by James Koch

In an ever changing world of today, where the future is uncertain and time has stood still…lets not forget what we are being taught…that we are one!

Here is a timely message from Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts to the world…

A special thank you to Alston Koch

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Alston Koch to perform at Oscars ‘After Party’

Source: Daily FT SriLanka

Sri Lanka’s iconic entertainer Alston Koch will be singing for the Academy Awards ‘After Party’ for the stars at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Hollywood on 9 February immediately following the Oscars telecast worldwide.

Koch was among last year’s considerations for the ‘Oscar’ and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his haunting role in ‘According to Matthew’.

He won The CIGNIS award for best actor in 2019 and the Derana ‘Sri Lankan of the Year’ award.  

His movie ‘According To Matthew’ was the most talked about movie in Sri Lanka while running to full houses in cinemas across the island for 75 days.

A much-sought after singer in past Academy Award celebrations and the performer of many original songs with hits worldwide and an album that climbed to the number two spot in the Australian and international charts, Koch has also performed the national anthem of Australia, Sri Lanka and America in official functions representing all three countries and this is a rare feat that must be recognised.

Alston Koch

He also performed, produced and wrote the album for the AMERICA’S CUP in 1986 which was and still is the most expensive sporting event in the world.

Commissioned by the Australian Task Force the album ‘The KOOKABURRA CONNECTION’ and the song ‘KOOKABURRA’ was one of the first songs to be played on the MTV Network stations throughout the World in 1986.

A member of The Grammy Academy he has toured the world performing to International audiences while being a part of the Grammy advocacy and a major supporter of original music. 

During the unfortunate bombings in Sri Lanka in 2019 he brought the people of his country of birth together with his song and video ‘We Are One’ supported by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts and the Sri Lankan community.  

A huge Ambassador for Climate Change and an Ambassador for Sri Lanka Tourism Alston Koch was hailed as the ‘Purveyor of Disco and Soul’ music in the Southern Hemisphere by the World Rock music Historian Glenn A Baker in his popular book ‘DISCO INFERNO’ and Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) called him the ‘Funk Master’ when his album ‘DON’T FUNK WITH ME’ hit the pop charts.

Best known for his worldwide Gold hit ‘DISCO LADY’ recorded when signed for RCA Records worldwide Alston has also recorded for EMI, SONY and BMG Arista ARIOLA amongst other labels like BMG Crescendo in India CINEVOX (Italy) and MEGA RECORDS in Scandinavia.

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ALSTON KOCH wins ‘Best Actor ‘ award for 2019.

Best Actor & Actress Award 2019

SIGNIS Best Actor Award 2

SIGNIS Best Actor Award

Alston Koch unanimously carried away the ‘BEST ACTOR’ Award for his role as Matthew 

A well received decision of the Grand Jury brought an ovation from a very receptive audience 

for a very demanding & controversial role played to perfection making him the very first winner 

of a film production in both English & Sinhalese.

Photo shows Alston receiving the award from Secretary General Ricardo Yanez together with 14 other delegates from around the World present for the 42nd SIGNIS FILM AWARDS.

It was an award winning year for Alston Kochwho earlier won the ‘Sri Lankan Of The Year ‘for 2018 as well as been chosen as the ‘Brand Ambassador’ for The Rotary Club. 

This year he was appointed as Advisor to The Ministry Of Tourism and Advisor to the Ministry Of Wildlife & also Advisor to the UNWTO (United Nations World Travel Organisation)

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A Conversation on Conservation – BY Kalani Kumarasinghe

Source: Daily Mirror

Alston Koch

Kalani_KumarasingheEfforts aimed to reverse environmental damage and help people reconnect with nature, are all part of a growing global consciousness of caring for the world we live in. Although a relatively new phenomenon for many, Sri Lankan born singer-songwriter Alston Koch distinguished the potential impact of climate change, almost three decades ago.   

Mr. Koch, the global artiste, who played the lead in the Chandran Rutnam directed biopic ‘According to Matthew’ was recently in Sri Lanka to partner with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). The 18th meeting of the Conference of Parties is scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka in May, along with the meetings of the CITES Standing Committee.   

CITES is a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals. It was drafted as a result of a resolution adopted in 1963 at a meeting of members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Brand Ambassador for the event, Mr. Koch, in an interview with Daily Mirror, shared his enthusiasm in partnering up with the global platform.   

  • CITES is a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals
  • My motto has always been ‘prevention is better than cure’
  • I think we all have to take a lesson here and do what we can in our own little way

“I think it’s a very valuable and necessary thing because the whole world is threatened with our collective inaction. And it’s not just limited to the trafficking and sale of protected species,” the veteran entertainer said. “I’m thrilled that some people and organizations are taking a stand against global practices which cause harm to our environment, including one of the world’s greatest actors, Leonardo DiCaprio,” he said.   

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ALSTON KOCH in one of his rare performances in Sri Lanka at a fireside chat at The HILTON HOTEL – ICC performance

ALSTON KOCH in one of his rare performances in Sri Lanka at a fireside chat at The HILTON HOTEL organized by the advisor to both The President & Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Dinesh Weerakkody & this time for a very exclusive gathering of dignitaries from all over the world and an audience of over 1200 enthralled VIP’s including The Prime Minister, Her Worship The Mayor of Colombo Rosy Senanayake, Cabinet Ministers of the Govt. Of Sri Lanka, The special envoys of countries overseas and The Diplomatic Corps, Heads of the various religious institutions,and the cream of prominent high profile business men like Harry Jayawardene,Dhammika Perera, etc. Courtesy and thanks to the late Peter Allen and Australia.

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