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Aus-Lanka Business Council and Deakin Uni Business School form partnership

Aus-Lanka Business Council


Marie Pietersz

Story: Contributed by Marie Pietersz, Melbourne

Photo: Courtesy of Aus-Lanka Business Council


The Aus-Lanka Business Council and Deakin University Business School signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 4 April 2018. Signatories to the partnership are Ms Dilkie Perera, National President of the Aus-Lanka Business Council (second from left) and Prof Michael Ewing, Vice Chancellor of Deakin University (second from right).  Also in the picture are Mr Mohan Perera, Vice-President of the Aus-Lanka Business Council (extreme left). and Dr Luckmika Perera of Deakin University Business School (extreme right). The MoU provides a framework through which the two organisations hope to work together to achieve their mutual objectives.

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MowTown Grass – Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance Specialists


MowTown Grass MowTown Grass

Kelly-class, not franchise farce,
charges, reasonable too
     Residential, Commercial, Body-Corporate,
      It’s MOWTOWN-GRASS for you.
      “After-Maintainence” guaranteed,
          MOWTOWN -GRASS is all you need.
When “Mowing”gets tough, “Mowtown” gets Mowing.

Please contact Warren on 0430-094-098, anytime, or:-

        Alex on  0434-466-866. Thank you. DK

e’mail :- wpkelly1@optusnet.com.au

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(Source: the Island)


Sri Lanka-born Andrea Marr is, once again, representing Australian blues on the world stage at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN – The Home Of The Blues – in January 2019.

This came about after she won the Melbourne Blues Challenge, on Sunday, September 9th, 2018, with her new duo McNaMarr Project, where she performs with singer/guitarist John McNamara. The last albums of both artistes hit #1 on the Blues, Soul and R&B airplay charts in Australia and the USA, getting rave reviews worldwide.

Their two albums, together, garnered seven nominations at the Australian Blues Music Awards. US blues promoter Frank Roszak suggested the two artistes start working together and they did their first gig in May this year.

Writing a stack of new duets has brought this act quickly to the attention of the Australian blues scene and won them the title of ‘Blues Performer Of The Year’ 2018.

John McNamara is an exceptional vocalist, guitarist and songwriter whose voice has been compared to the late great Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, and Andrea Marr often gets compared to the likes of Tina Turner, Gladys Knight and Sharon Jones.

Andrea Marr has been making music for a long time. She moved to Australia, with her family, in 1984 – her father was the great jazz bass player, Elmo Mulholland, and her uncle was Errol Mulholland, also a great jazz bassist.

Andrea has twice represented Australia in Memphis TN in the International Blues Challenge and her band reached the semi-finals in 2013 with some of the biggest blues acts in the world today. She is often compared in style to Sharon Jones, Etta James, Tina Turner and Gladys Knight for her soulful, raw style.

A music teacher by day, she has been teaching singing and songwriting at the Andrea Marr Music School for over two decades and still continues to do so – offering her students the chance to not only learn to sing, but giving them opportunities to do paid gigs, write and release their own music and get their music on the radio the same way she has.

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 A favourite singer, stage performer & actor, born in Ceylon on the 19th of October 1953, Christened Ronnie Luke Leach, but fondly known as “Thataya” has now gone on what is termed his “antheema-gamana”(final journey) to his stage in the sky. What can I say about Ronnie that is not already known by every Sri Lankan of his particular era (1953-2018). He passed away in Perth, Australia, (on tour), of a sudden cardiac attack, immediately after doing what he loved to do, performing for his Lankan/Aussie fans, at 65 years of age, on the 1st of October, 2018. 

     I had the privilege of meeting Ronnie personally, when he came to Melbourne on a previous tour, many years ago. He impressed me, immediately, as a humble, down-to-earth guy, who had already made a huge name for himself, not only singing solo, recording, acting in a few Sinhala movies & generally entertaining people, but also supporting dozens of other Artistes, bands, etcetera, creating that special enhancement that a true comedian usually does. All these bands and other fine entertainers loved to have thataya in their midst, so this made him the epitome of an all-round entertainer. He sang, danced, to the baila rhythms, and even “borrowed” the song “Living next door to Alice” from the “Smokies”, translated the lyrics into Sinhala, giving it that very special “local feeling”. 

     On behalf of eLanka, all Lankan Aussies, each & every other Lankan Patriot, everywhere, I would like to say “Goodbye Ronnie, our sincere condolences to your family & loved ones. All your thousands of “fans”, myself included, will never forget you & the happiness you brought to so many”. I join all of them to say a big “sthuthi” to you.


Desmond Kelly.



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Media Release

India’s leading fashion show director Liza Varma visits Australia to cut ribbon at Australian Indian Wedding Expo 2018

2 October 2018

India’s leading fashion show director, Ms Liza Varma

Sydney, Australia –  Ms Liza Varma, former Miss Femina India, Miss India Runner Up, and leading fashion show director with over 2000 shows to her credit in India and abroad will be presenting her first fashion show in Australia at the Australian Indian Wedding Expo 2018 (AIWE) at the Hyatt Regency Sydney on 7th October 2018 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm. AIWE have collaborated with wedding professionals such as venue providers, caterers, make-up artists, musicians, event managers, decorators, wedding planners, fashion and others to showcase their products / services that assist in organising a world class wedding – with Ms Varma’s show being the flagship event at AIWE.

Commenting on the upcoming show, Ms Liza Varma said: “My mission and vision is to take Indian fashion to a global platform, helping leading Australian designers such as Silk & Sparkle, models, and other industry members to reach global recognition and open international markets to them.”

Ms Varma has trained, and groomed Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar and more than 10 other beauty queens. Herself a beauty queen, she is the grooming guru for beauty

pageant aspirants with over 40 fashion weeks as a show director and 15 beauty pageants as grooming expert under her belt. Liza has encouraged, groomed and trained Miss Universe Sushmita Sen among others and was herself Miss Femina India and a Miss India Runner Up in 1983. She then took to modelling and appeared in more than 3,000 ads before turning her hand to fashion show directing.

This is Ms Varma’s first visit to Australia, and she looks forward to meeting Australian fashionistas on 7th of October 2018.

“Ms Anju Goyal of Silk & Sparkle reached out to me, and I am very grateful that she did – as I can see that Australia is a beautiful country and has immense potential when it comes to the fashion industry. Having already successfully launched Indian fashion week in Toronto promoting Indian lifestyle, fashion and luxury to the south Asian population, I am sure AIWE will be a grand success.”

– Ends –

For further information and tickets to the Australian Indian Wedding Expo 2018, please visit:

W: https://australianindianweddingexpo.com.au/

For media interviews, please contact:

M: +61 421 079 017

E: anju@silkandsparkle.com.au



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“Connect with 2nd Connection” by Des Kelly

 Just received this 1st class video from the superb band 

2nd Connection c/w Vocalist Chandimal & undoubtedly beautiful Sri Lankan lasses doing the “baila” as it should be done. My good friend Maxie Gerreyn sent this to me, so thank you Maxie. I did make a comment that this “baila- session would be featured on eLanka shortly, so here goes.

     The actual song is a very well-known baila, a rather lengthy version of it, sung & danced in the inimitable baila fashion, but done extremely well. Everyone, Sri Lankan knows that when such a “session” is started at a dance, party, or any other social gathering, the band involved, has to carry-on, for at least 10 minutes so that all the one-eyed baila dancers get their fill, on the dance floor. This is very important. No baila-dancer wants to resume their seats after 3 minutes of baila music.

     Again, something different for the many thousands of eLanka readers. I have the pleasure of introducing Chandimal & the 2nd Connection to you, folks. Sit back, enjoy the music & the “Scenery”, & if your toes are a-tapping, get off your individual bums and start dancing the “BAILA”.


Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka


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The Ivan Panin Story – By Des Kelly

Ivan Nicolayevich Panin, was born on the 12th of December, 1855, in Russia, lived his teenage years, or most of them (until 18), in his Homeland, migrating to Germany in 1874, living there, for just 3 years, before migrating to America in 1878, where he lived his remarkable life as an extraordinary Philosopher until the 30th of October, 1942, when he died, after achieving World fame for discovering numeric patterns in the text of both the Hebrew & Greek Bibles, & his published works based on his subsequent research. When he passed on at age 86, in Aldershot, 
Ontario, Canada, among others, he was reputed to have written 26 “good-reads”, which is exactly what they were.

     Two dear friends, Siglinde & Russell recently sent me a book written by the  great man involved. The book is titled “THE SEAL OF GOD”, something that has to be read in detail, to fully understand the writing of a truly great Philosopher. I will read it, chapter by chapter, as thoroughly as I possibly can, as and when I can, because the numeric skills of Ivan Panin far outweigh the mathematical knowledge of this writer. Strange, as it may seen, my own grand-dad, Jack Kelly advised me many years ago, that even MUSIC was based on mathematical formulae.  He was somewhat of a genius at Maths., himself, and yet, this was my worst subject, during my rather brief College education. Anyway, I do believe, my friends, that “Education” is a lifelong process.

     “We live & learn”, as the famous phrase tells us, from womb to tomb, but, to get back to Siglinde & Russ’s concise letter to me on the very interesting “Subject” above, I am proud and happy to pass on to all eLanka readers, the “Ivan Panin” story, as written by them.

 “The Ivan Panin Story” as written by Siglinde & Russell Wolff

Ivan Panin was a Russian Scientist, a Maths., genius, an Agnostic. He decided to use his intellect to disprove the Bible, so, he began to study the Bible.
The Old Testament is written in Hebrew. Panin substituted letters for numbers, A=1,  B=2, and so on, and he found a perfect numerical pattern of sevens, elevens, & thirteens, flowing right through the Old Testament.
     Then he looked at the New Testament,  which is written in Greek, and he substituted letters for numbers and found a perfect numerical pattern in the New Testament, and both the Old & New Testament dovetailed perfectly, together.
     The probability of this happening by accident, or even by human design is totally impossible to the probability of a million times million to one.
     Panin was so taken with this, he became a Christian and spent the next forty years of his life studying the Bible.  He has written many books on the subject.
“The Shorter Works of Ivan Panin”& “The Ivan Panin edited version of the New Testament, to name just two.
The interesting thing to note, was when he began to examine the current texts of the Bible, he found three thousand mistakes in them, which is why he edited the Bible, using his perfect numerical formula.
It is interesting also, to note that the ” Apocrypha” in the Catholic Bible is not recognized by the Jews or Protestants, as Canon Law was thrown out of the Bible.
     The fact is, that if anyone changes the “Word”, the number is changed, and so is the numerical pattern.
Therefore, only the inspired Word, given by the Holy Spirit, is the true Word, and, no “Man-written texts” have, or would ever have “The Truth” in it.
     I hope you find this information interesting and informative. God bless.  Russell.

     I certainly do, Russ., & I am certain that all our eLanka readers will do, too.

Desmond Kelly.




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