Fairfields Lawyers

Fairfields Lawyers

Fairfields Lawyers

Skilled, Family & Business Migration Service Specialists

Immigration And Citizenship Choose Your Pathway!

We are a leading Australian migration law firm with headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia and a network of offices across the globe. For over fifteen years, we have established and maintained the benchmark for specialist migration law practice, working with our clients to help them make their dreams a reality.


Fairfields is an Australian immigration law firm specialising in Australian Immigration Law and Procedure and corporate migration solutions. We have an established reputation as a top tier immigration law firm in Australia, and have expanded our services to strategic regional locations to benefit our ever increasing global clientele.

Fairfields Lawyers

Contact Name : Susantha Katugampala

404 Albert Street East Melbourne Victoria 3002 Australia

Email:- admin@fairfieldsnt.com

Phone:- 08 7969 7137

See our Australia wide and Global Office locations – https://fairfieldsglobal.com/contact-us/

Fairfields Lawyers




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